The North Tweak: Rock & Seoul Bibimbap

If there is one Korean food everyone must try other than kimchi, it is bibimbap. If you’re not familiar with it, a bibimbap is a rice bowl meal which literally means “mixed rice.” Why? Because you literally mix everything before you munch on it. So anyway, a few months ago, news came to me and my friends that a new bibimbap place opened at SM North EDSA called “Rock & Seoul” and so, as Korean food fans, we all tried it.

The unique thing I noticed about Rock & Seoul is that they serve different “flavors” of bibimbap. The one I had was burger bibimbap which is basically bibimbap served with burger meat instead of the classical beef or bulgogi.


One of my friends had shawarma bibimbap and it looked strange to me at first. Didn’t get to try it but it wasn’t bad according to her.


The twist was kind of refreshing for somebody who has always tried classical bibimbap (which they also still serve at Rock & Seoul).


But if you want an authentic Korean bibimbap experience, Rock & Seoul might not be the most perfect place for you. Not that their food isn’t delicious—they all actually are! But the bibimbap here are tweaked for I guess a wider market reach. Still, they are all enjoyable! Also this is important: they serve bibimbap in a sizzling plate so if you’re really hungry, well, you might want to go and eat somewhere where you don’t have to battle with hot food.

Anyway, here are the other photos I took (yet again) with my reliable, handy LG phone.






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