World Street Food Congress 2016 in Manila

After a slightly not-so-nice week, workmates and I decided to take a break and we went to join a burgis food party right in the middle of Bonifacio Global City—the World Street Food Congress 2016! So, what is the World Street Food Congress 2016? According to their official website, it is “a feasting festival held over five days (20-24 April) featuring 24 Street Food Masters from up to 10 countries.” And yes, it is indeed a food festival. Lots of delicious stuff to munch on (street food, of course), plus a lovely crowd, free live band music, and overly expensive bottled waters.

Well, things weren’t as street food-ish as expected because the food prices were pegged between PHP 200 and PHP 400. So what we did was each of us were to buy food from different stalls, get a variety on our table then just have a taste of everything like the sharing family we are. Which wasn’t bad at all. I tried not to get Singaporean food, to be honest, because I’d be there in July but I’m not as brave as others are when it comes to trying new food so… I ended up getting satay.

Anyway, not here to review the event but to dump phone shots from last week. I hated how the latter photos were blurry because my hands were so sweaty and I got my fingers smudging sweat all over the camera. But whatever. So, here you go.











Didn’t get to try the sili (chili) ice cream because it got sold out quickly! It’s a local delicacy and I think I could just go to Bicol if I wanted to try that one.

Overall it was a really fun experience. Not entirely because of the food because they were really pricey but it was great to hang out with workmates! We wanted to try the churros but like everything else, it was hell expensive we ended up getting cheap but still equally delicious ones in the mall.


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