Makan! My (Second) Singaporean Food Experience

My friends and I went to Singapore for almost a week-long vacation last July, thus this is another one of my many overdue posts. It’s my second time going to this country and it still never fails to make me fall in love with it. Efficient, beautiful, and the people—especially my Singaporean friends—are definitely some of the sweetest on earth.


The very first photo I took when we reached Changi. Say hi to Myeontokki!

But more than these, what I really enjoyed so much about Singapore is their food. I’ve seen a lot of blogs and features saying that Singaporean food is one you should experience before you die. Well, I am proud and confident to say that yes, they are right. I wouldn’t be here for the second time if they weren’t!

Anyway, before we get to the food stuff, let me talk about our first day. It was a physically tiring and anxiety-inducing travel as we experienced quite a number of mini-mishaps on our way to Singapore. In Manila, our Uber driver got caught by traffic enforcers. He didn’t know how to go to NAIA 3. My friend almost lost her gate pass. When we reached Singapore, we didn’t know how to get to our Airbnb unit. Lastly, we almost missed our bus stop. Not to mention we were bringing heavy luggage with us.

Thankfully it was just the first day! The rest of the vacation went smoothly (well, not counting that time when we got drenched in the rain on our way to Gardens by the Bay). As soon as we reached our apartment, we were more than glad to know that there’s a hawker center right across our street! So to give ourselves a treat, we had one of Singapore’s signature dishes: chicken rice.


And sweet heavens it was amazing! Recently, I ate the same at Makansutra. It was good (and slightly more expensive) but it reminded me of the bliss while I ate this dish back in July. I love chicken rice. Really.

Here’s another personal favorite, prata and teh tarik! Prata islike fried crispy pancake (imagine flattened turon) and then you dip it in curry. The red one is spicy curry and it was amazing. Teh tarik is like milk tea. I already went to this place with my Singaporean friends back in 2014 so this is no longer new to me but I still loved it. I tell you this is something you have to check out. The place is called Roti Prata House along Upper Thomson Road. Going there can be a bit tricky so if you want directions, just ask me!


Then there’s nasi lemak. I loved the dilis that I almost asked for vinegar.


A few days later, I met Darryl and Exie (which by the way was a very international meet-up: Exie’s from the US, Darryl’s from SG, and I’m from PH) and we had what Darryl told me is a typical Singaporean breakfast. It’s soft-boiled egg, teh tarik, some pastry sprinkled with Milo (I don’t know why but Singapore is so in love with Milo), and kaya toast. It was a great meal overall.


Bonus! Grape-flavored Yakult! I had other flavors, too, but I didn’t take pics of them. The bottle is a bit bigger than what we have here in Manila and it tastes good! Why can’t we have this in the Philippines?


On our second to the last day, we went to Sentosa (for Universal Studios) and filled our tummies with these:


I loved the place though. A great mixture of new and old, modern and traditional.


We had a lot more food to be honest but I was just excited to eat I forgot to take photos before munching on them all. Too bad I can’t have chili crabs because my stomach is intolerant of crustaceans (yes, I have a sad life). If you’re asking if the food are pricey, to be honest, they are not. If you eat at hawker centers, prices range from two to five dollars which are a fair deal given the serving size and flavor. The one at Sentosa is quite pricey because it’s inside the mall but it isn’t that bad either!

Extra very urban-ish photos I took because I don’t know where to put them.


There’s a river close to our apartment!



This was our bus stop. Took me a few days to adjust because they drive on the right side. I honestly was afraid to take the bus in Singapore because the system confused me but after staying there for a week, I got used to it soon. And it is holy-mother-of-everything-holy efficient I felt so horribly envious! I wonder if I’d live long enough to see Manila have one like this.

Anyway, I still have two more blog (a.k.a. photo dumping) posts to do about my Singapore trip. It will be out soon!


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