Neon Lights and Cups: Alice Tea Salon

A few weeks ago, my workmates and I went around Ortigas and stopped by a tea shop, Alice Tea Salon, at the Pearl Place. I’ve been in the area for quite some time already but this one’s really new! So we decided we should give it a try.  Continue reading


Nyan Heaven: Cat Cafe Manila

A really long time ago, way before I (almost) forgot about the existence of my personal blog, my friends and I went to Cat Cafe Manila. It was my heaven.

You see, I love cats. I love every kind of cats. I just want to hug all of them but I can’t hug every cat (sing along with me here). So when we went to Cat Cafe Manila, to say that I was excited was definitely an understatement. I took a few photos because I was too busy cuddling and playing with (and waking up) the cats. Continue reading

World Street Food Congress 2016 in Manila

After a slightly not-so-nice week, workmates and I decided to take a break and we went to join a burgis food party right in the middle of Bonifacio Global City—the World Street Food Congress 2016! So, what is the World Street Food Congress 2016? According to their official website, it is “a feasting festival held over five days (20-24 April) featuring 24 Street Food Masters from up to 10 countries.” And yes, it is indeed a food festival. Lots of delicious stuff to munch on (street food, of course), plus a lovely crowd, free live band music, and overly expensive bottled waters. Continue reading

The North Tweak: Rock & Seoul Bibimbap

If there is one Korean food everyone must try other than kimchi, it is bibimbap. If you’re not familiar with it, a bibimbap is a rice bowl meal which literally means “mixed rice.” Why? Because you literally mix everything before you munch on it. So anyway, a few months ago, news came to me and my friends that a new bibimbap place opened at SM North EDSA called “Rock & Seoul” and so, as Korean food fans, we all tried it. Continue reading

Ortigas Homie: Cafe Flafe

There’s this cafe in Ortigas that  I kind of like the vibe: Cafe Flafe. I went here in January (there was still some sort of Christmas-y feel) right after I came back to Manila from Tarlac. It was small but still homey and really comfortable. And hey, the food here was amazing! We tried mandu soup and bingsoo and we were really satisfied. Check out the photos below. Continue reading